The next generation virtual assistant

Jul 17

The race is on! Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon are in a staunchly competitive race to making their virtual assistants appear more human than ever before. 

AI & Voice

Three trends that will dominate tech in 2020

Jul 05

Time to predict what will shape the tech space in 2020. Who knows where they will lead us?


News from our UX whisperer

Jun 01

The challenges of designing and adapting scripts for conversational UX. Read the full article here.

Vlad the Veritable Coding Magician

May 28

Working completely remotely, he is one of the Brainiacs that has earned his title of digital nomad always delivering on demand. Read Vlad's full profile here

Team News

Getting started with an AI strategy and roadmap

May 21

The success of any AI intervention within a business is how well it is planned, strategised and managed. Read part 3 of our series on Demystifying AI.

AI, ML & Data Science

Ballet in Water 

May 15

A Brainiac shares her tale of grace and persistence


WeAreBrain’s 5th Anniversary Digital Time Capsule

May 10

For our final tribute to our 5th anniversary, we decided to create our very own digital time capsule where some of our team and founders share their hopes and plans for WeAreBrain and the world at large in the next 5 years. 


Demystifying AI Part 2

May 08

Exploring the industries which benefit from artificial intelligence. Head over to Medium to read the full article.

AI, ML & Data Science

Champion of Diversity: In Conversation With Nathalie Lam

May 03

For our next instalment of our Women in Tech series, we had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with Nathalie Lam, Head of Global Sponsorship for Philips.


What does an AI Engineer do all day?

May 01

Working in the AI tech space has shown us that artificial intelligence largely remains a mystery for many if not most people. To help navigate its complexities, we’re going to try to demystify AI for you in our new article series.

AI, ML & Data Science

Meet Oleksandr, our new high flying Java/Hybris savant

Apr 26

It’s that time again where we introduce you to yet another one of our tech whisperers and all-round good humans. 

Team News just turned 1!

Apr 24

On 24 April 2018, after months and bucketloads of hard work, innovative thinking and fierce determination, WeAreBrain proudly released into the world — and it has been an amazing journey ever since.

Product Development

Proudly Announcing POS - Positive Impact Space

Apr 23

Mission Possible Foundation launches a new sophisticated web platform enabled by WeAreBrain

Product Launches

An underdog’s story of will and determination

Apr 20

WeAreBrain’s genesis comes with its share of history crammed into a small amount of time. 5 years in a business’s lifespan is a long time. But in history, it’s a minor footnote to the larger story.


The Need For Speed

Apr 18

— A Brainiac’s love for vintage muscle cars. Read Pavel's awesome story here.


WeAreBrain Kramatorsk gets a new home

Apr 15

So our expanding Kramatorsk team have just moved into a brand new office and we are beyond excited! Check out some first snaps here.

Team News

Background Execution Limits for Android Devices

Apr 12

I recently faced a challenging task for one of my projects: how do I send push notifications to users if they haven’t been interacting with an application for more than 6+ days on any devices using Android LOLLIPOP through to Android N?

Product Development

Meet Alexey, our business development ace

Apr 05

We’re kicking April off to a winning start as we introduce Alexey, our Business Development Manager who works out of our Kiev office. 

Team News

Giving the Gift of Kindness Can Make All the Difference

Mar 28

It is one of the most fundamental of all human attributes as it holds the keys to greater virtues, like compassion, empathy and even love. This is why kindness is another core WeAreBrain value because it’s cool to be kind.


Meet Andrii, designing our front-end

Mar 22

Andrii joins us as one of our newest front-end developers and graphic designers at our Kramatorsk office, which already boasts a star-studded lineup of IT mavericks.

Team News

Easier, faster, sexier

Mar 19

Maxeda DIY Group launches their new and improved Praxis app, powered by WeAreBrain.

Product Launches

Ownership breeds excellence

Mar 13

Ownership is a responsibility to yourself and those around you. And as founders we work for our team, not the other way around.


Winning Women in Tech

Mar 13

In conversation with Marijn Pijnenborg, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Winc Academy


Creating your custom font kit

Mar 05

Icons are everywhere. No matter how large or small your project is — there is always a need for icons. And Pavel explains how to create your own custom kit.

Product Development

Humbleness — a value that’s not that simple to adhere to

Mar 05

We’re a company that puts great stock in learning from our mistakes, so we also reflected on the measures we’ve put in place to ensure our team is always ready to take on any difficulties.


Our new chatbot hotshot

Feb 26

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Bogdan to our ever-expanding team of digital wizards and IT ninjas.

Team News

UX designers and QA engineers 

Feb 21

- crossing our T-shapes for better collaboration. Read the full article here.


Invention is the Spice of Life

Feb 14

Why Curiosity is a Key WeAreBrain Value

Company Culture

The importance of building infallible trust

Feb 12

We recently spoke to WeAreBrain’s Drupal Dev Expert, Valerii, about his thoughts on trust within his team.


Sink or Swim!

Feb 06

Why SMEs need Intelligent Process Automation in order to remain competitive.

The Future is NOW!

Feb 01

We just set a bot to work for one of our beloved FMCG clients #understatementoftheyear Read the full case study here.

Jack Myasushkin

Being Bold

Jan 28

One of WeAreBrain’s core values and we’re celebrating that in the lead up to our 5th Anniversary!

Company Culture

AI Trends in 2019

Jan 24

Major developments in chatbot and voice-based search set the tone for trends in AI in 2019.

Human Resources

Jan 21

Its very name implies biology and psychology. So where does artificial intelligence fit into a human process?

Our 5th anniversary is coming soon

Jan 18

So we took a light-hearted look at the significance of the number 5.

Mario Grunitz

What’s hot in 2019?

Jan 16

 Look no further than the conferences planned in Ukraine this year!


Building a Global Android Powerhouse

Jan 14

Meet Andrey Savitskiy, our newest Android Developer.

Team News

Trailblazer, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker

Jan 10

Eva talks about inspiration and technology in this week's article on Medium.


RPA versus BPA

Jan 07

A valuable partnership for increased business workflow efficiency? Read Sam's full article over here.

A Review of SoDA 2018

Jan 03

How is Digital Expected to Disrupt in 2019? Read the full article here.


Happy New Year

Jan 01


Elvire Jaspers

2018…and that’s a wrap!

Dec 31

Thank you to our incredible team, partners and clients for making 2018 one of our biggest and greatest years to date.

Mario Grunitz

All-round cool guy and Java junkie 💪

Dec 28

Meet our ex-powerlifting and current Hybris engineer Dmitry in this week's team profile.

Team News

Our best wishes

Dec 24

We would like to thank all our teams and partners for a wonderful, exciting (and exhausting) 2018. It's been fun!!!

Thank you

Did you know?

Dec 21

This week we take another look at why Ukraine is such a unique country filled with super smart people who love their coffee!

Easy Reading

RPA and data analytics best practices

Dec 19

This week in tech we look at how RPA can improve your ability to analyse your most important metrics.

What to watch next?

Dec 17

See how @netflix uses Machine Learning and algorithms to organise you into over 2000 taste categories which inform your viewing recommendations.


Sergey P appointed as new clevergig CTO

Dec 15

We took the opportunity to sit down with Michel Pilet, clevergig founder, and Sergey to discuss what this will mean for the HR planning platform.


Xmas Shopping Bots 🎅 🎁

Dec 12

Avoid the mad rush this festive season by shopping online using the latest retail chatbot technology from your favourite brands.

Wow, this feels sooooo good

Dec 09

One of our super talented brainiacs put virtual pen to paper and told us what she likes most about working at WeAreBrain.

Team News

Meet our future 💪🏽

Dec 07

We are very proud to support and nurture fresh and promising young talent from Ukraine. 

Team News

Shaping the future of DIY retail 🛒🔨

Dec 04

Fireside chat with Luuk Roestenberg about Digital Transformation at Maxeda DIY Group.


Do you have some of them?

Dec 01

What are the traits shared by history’s greatest geeks?

Easy Reading

React Tutorial

Nov 29

Dmitry shows us how to use React for client-side authentication with various platforms


Introducing Artem

Nov 23

Meet our new Test Automation engineer and cycline fanatic.

Team News for the Quintastic generation

Nov 21

50 is the new 30 and our latest collaboration with FireFinch has seen the release of a brand new lifestyle platform

Product Launches

Yummie 🍔🍕🍟🥤

Nov 15

Does being a geek mean unhealthy living? We don't think so!

Easy Reading

Welcome Christina

Nov 12

We are very happy to introduce Christina, our new Business Assistant, who joined our ace team in Kiev lit with creative nuts and boundary pushers. 

Team News

From Webpack 3 to Webpack 4

Nov 10

We had such a great response to our article about moving from Webpack 3 to Webpack 4 that we decided to do an update


Women in Tech Interview Series

Nov 07

We sat down to have a chat with Denise to find out a little more about her story and what it means to be a leading woman in tech.


Allo Allo

Nov 05

A day at the #voiceconf2018 in Amsterdam. Head over to the Brainfiles to read Ana's full review this awesome conference.

Geek Speak Part 3

Nov 02

Each of us has a little geek in them, which kind of geek are you?

Easy Reading

We Are Ukraine

Nov 01

Why Ukraine should be considered as Europe's answer to Silicon Valley.


The Best Deal You Can Get 📱

Oct 30

Circular Economy venture, Tech2Com enlist the tech solutions of WeAreBrain to provide ‘new again’ Apple products to the discerning consumer and business user.

Product Launches

Java Developer Extraordinaire

Oct 24

He’s daring dev skills make him a perfect fit for our team of tech geeks and dev devils.

Team News

To Geek Or Not To Geek 🤔

Oct 19

How the Geek World became uber fashionable. Read Sam's super serious article here

Easy Reading

The Beauty of the Bot

Oct 17

How has chatbot technology given the beauty industry a 21st century makeover.

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women

Oct 15

Proud to see our Partner and CEO Elvire selected by EY to join this awesome group of entrepreneurs.


For our friends in the US 🇺🇸

Oct 11

MyRiskDesk and WeAreBrain pioneer an evolution in bespoke business insurance with PTProCover.

Product Development

Geek versus Nerd!

Oct 09

Where on the spectrum do you fall? Go and find out here.

Team News

We're hiring

Oct 05

Join our Brainiac Bunch as a Java/Hybris Engineer


Meet our new QA whiz

Oct 02

Alexander sat down with us to chat a bit about his new role and the man behind the beard

Team News

Is your website optimised for voice search?

Sep 28

The time for understanding how it works and how best to utilise it is NOW.


Nearshore symbiosis

Sep 21

How do you make sure your new extended team is perfect for your organisation?


Where the app magic happens

Sep 18

Meet the latest addition to our funky bunch and our very own iOS engineering magician.

Team News

The Future of Commerce is Voice 🙊

Sep 14

We take a look at how voice interfaces are changing the way we shop.


Welcome to the team 🙌🏽

Sep 11

For this week’s installment of our team profiles, we chat to Tetiana, the latest addition to our exciting and dynamic team. 

Team News

Nearshoring and Extended Teams

Sep 07

Read about our 5 best nearshore extended teams case studies.


Nurturing Fresh Talent

Sep 05

We had a chat with Anastasiia, our new UX intern, to get to know the person behind the talent a little more. 

Team News

Swim to Fight Cancer 🏊🏼

Sep 02

Last weekend, our Group CEO Elvire successfully completed this year's 2km "Swim to Fight Cancer" collecting more than €20k for cancer research


How extended teams drive innovation

Aug 31

6 reasons why nearshore developers will bring your business into the future.


From corporate career to startup adventure

Aug 28

This week we chat with Paula, the founder of the premium online organic beauty boutique, Bloom Avenue!


Bots in Hospitality

Aug 24

Changing the (inter)face of hospitality? Are bots taking the hassle out of holidays?

How to build a SaaS startup

Aug 21

clevergig CEO and co-founder Michel talks us through building a SaaS startup and his biggest learnings from the process.


Accenture Innovation Awards 🚀

Aug 19 has made it to the Top 25 Living & Working innovators in this year's #AIA18 competition 🎉🤖

Team News

Outsourcing reimagined!

Aug 17

Nearshore software development teams are set to determine the future of business. Learn how to set-up and run yours successfully. 


Society Made Us!

Aug 14

Streetwear Startup Entrepreneur and WeAreBrain Veteran, Omar, gives us the low down on building your own fashion brand.


Transforming Healthcare

Aug 03

How AI is Transforming the Healthcare Industry — Part Two

Meet the CEO and founder of Sk8 for Gr8

Jul 31

This week we interview Alison, social startup entrepreneur, and WeAreBrain’s part-time design dynamo.


AI can’t replace your doctor, yet!

Jul 27

But for the moment it’s making health care a little bit more accessible.

Bookkeeping brainiac and office manager

Jul 26

For the latest instalment of WeAreBrain’s team profiles, we get to know Alina a little better. 

Team News

Copy vs Microcopy

Jul 20

This week in tech, we review the important role copy plays in your UX strategy.

Product Design & UX

A veritable word nerd

Jul 17

In this week's team profile we’re featuring our creative wordsmith, Sam.

Team News

MoSCoW vs Kano

Jul 13

Which product management prioritisation model works best? 

Product Development

Meet our visual virtuoso

Jul 10

For this week’s team profile we get to know Maryna, our new graphic designer, illustrator and all-round creative Brainiac.

Team News

Comparing global MLaaS solutions

Jul 06

This week in tech we take a deeper look at Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS).


The man on top of bots

Jul 03

Next, up for our team profiles, we introduce Max, who is just crazy about stretching his mind with fantastic facts. 

Team News

Customer Development methodology

Jun 29

This week Sergey takes a closer look at the empirical importance of Customer Development.

Customer Development

QA quester and potential pirate

Jun 26

This week we'd like to introduce you to Ruslan, a QA dev who believes wholeheartedly that "brevity is the soul of wit".

Team News

Product building prioritisation

Jun 22

Sergey P investigates the most popular prioritisation methodologies for product building

Product Development

Resident joker and java jazzman

Jun 19

This week we'd like to introduce you to Alex, the guy with all the jokes and even more of the Java answers

Team News

Design & Creative News

Jun 15

Here are our picks for the best creative programs, apps and plugins for 2018 so far!


Agile Coach and futurist

Jun 12

He's a perfect fit at WeAreBrain because his mind sits squarely in the sweet spot where imagination and invention combine. 

Team News

Got talent?

Jun 08

What role should AI play in recruiting talent? Using bots to better your recruitment practices.

Quality Assurer and lover of history

Jun 05

This week we'd like to introduce you to Artem, a super skilled QA and soon to be PHP/js developer.

Team News

7 top tips for building an awesome Agile team

Jun 01

Tanya, tech team lead at WeAreBrain, looks at the 7 key elements for putting together a killer Agile team.


People Person Personified

May 29

Introducing our brand new head of HR, Oleg! Get to know him here

Team News

Oops she did it again 😎

May 28

Very happy and proud to see our very own Elvire Jaspers on this year's NextWomenToWatch list. 


Money, Money, Money

May 25

Curious about the best bots in banking? We did a round up of the most innovative on the market!

Balancing the studying professional life like a boss

May 22

Yuriy’s raw enthusiasm, both individually and professionally, comes from the fact that he is still studying at university. 

Team News

Chatbot Best Practice

May 18

Learnings and Insights from companies like ABN AMRO, Reaal, and Heineken

The Jack Of All IT Trades

May 15

Meet the guy who brings the perfect combination of innovation, strategic insight and creativity to the products we build at Brain.

Team News

AI’s bigger picture

May 14

RPA, Chatbots and Voice Assistants - Why do we make AI sound human? The big picture!


Programming enthusiast and eternal student

May 08

When he's not writing awesome code you can find him in the kitchen cooking awesome pancakes 👨‍🍳 🍳

Team Brain

Thank you!

May 04

We'd like to thank all our partners for voting us into the Emerce Top 100 list of best e-business companies in the Netherlands.


Javascript Guru and Big Thinker

May 01

A lover of languages, this awesomely talented guy wishes he could speak all the languages in the world. 

Team News

RPA requires deep organisational change! Here's why.

Apr 27

In this week's article, we take a look at the five dimensions of business that need to be reviewed prior to RPA implementation.

Front End Phenomenon and All-round Superstar

Apr 24

Get to know this awesomely talented lady in this week's team profile.


Team News

What are the right processes to automate?

Apr 20

In this week's tech article we're looking at the right kinds of processes to automate through RPA.

Accomplished frontend developer with a degree in physics

Apr 17

In this week's team profile, we chatted to Olena, our superstar frontend developer. 

Team News

How 'cognitive' is RPA anyway?

Apr 13

This week in tech we compare RPA with Cognitive Automation. Read the full article here.

We are hiring

Apr 11

WeAreBrain is on the hunt for new talent and we know that finding the perfect fit has as much to do with who you are as who we are! 

Team News

Introducing Olga, Project Manager Phenomenon

Apr 10

She is doubly talented, working as part PM part scrum master. A lover of urban adventures and extreme fitness with CrossFit, Olga is just simply an incredible woman. Read more about her in this week's team profile.

Team News

Is RPA here to stay? Seems like it...

Apr 06

Robotic Process Automation promises to change the face of the working world. It's a big claim but does the technology back it up?

Robotic Process Automation — the Highlights Reel

Mar 30

This week we're looking at what's top the charts in the world of RPA.

Meet Vadim, DevOps extraordinaire and guitar virtuoso

Mar 28

Read more about Vadim’s contribution he adds to the group in this week’s team profile.

Team News

How to develop a solid Enterprise Automation Roadmap

Mar 23

Preparing your business for RPA requires fastidious planning. Learn the first three key steps in building your own Enterprise Automation Roadmap.

Meet our Global Head of UX and Design

Mar 21

As a woman dedicated to creating a product building culture that is centred around the user, we have already seen how her vision has changed the way we build at WeAreBrain. 

Team News

What the hell is RPA?

Mar 16

Getting to grips with RPA and what it means for the future of business.

Enabling your on-demand workforce 🚀

Mar 15

Featured on Leapfunder today. Interview with CEO Michel Pilet on how he and the team are taking clevergig to the next level 🚀 


Introducing one of the newest Brainiacs on the block

Mar 13

Committed to his craft, you’ll often see him keeping up with the latest in his field with online publications like and Read more about this cool Brainiac in this week’s team profile.

Team News

Moving from Webpack 3 to Webpack 4

Mar 09

Webpack 4.0, was recently released, and in this article I’d like to share my experience with moving from Webpack 3 to Webpack 4.


Introducing Sergey, avid HTML’er and volleyball enthusiast

Mar 06

Sergey is one of those guys that likes to stay on top of his game, that’s why when he gets the opportunity to learn more about what he does he takes to publications like to get the latest on front-end and UI development.

Team News

The No-Collar Workforce, Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2018

Mar 02

How do you integrate your no collar workforce into the office and make sure the humans play nice?

Meet Yuriy, big data enthusiast and brilliant backend developer

Feb 27

His programming language of choice is Java and he’s pretty great at it. Read more about Yuriy in this week’s team profile.

Team News

Meet Artem, our Super Skilled Office Manager

Feb 20

Imagine trying to restrict Michelangelo to normal office hours! That’s where Artem comes in.

Artem Larin

Make a Bluetooth-driven electronic device - Part 2

Feb 16

In the second instalment of making bluetooth-driven electronics Sergey G looks at how by simply using Arduino, a BLE board and a bit of 3rd party software you can modify the functionality of your everyday electronics.

Sergey Gernyak

Meet our Proponent of Classic Software Engineering Practices

Feb 13

Introducing Vlad, one of our esteemed senior engineers who is part coder part teacher, capable of making the complex seem simple. When he’s not learning all he can from engineering legends like Kent Beck and Martin Fowler, he is honing his craft as a self-taught barista. 

Vladimir Vinnikov

Make a Bluetooth-driven electronic device with Arduino

Feb 09

Sergey G’s at home hobby is tinkering with electronic devices and in this week’s article he’ll  take you through part one of his method for building Bluetooth-driven electronics using Arduino.


Sergey Gernyak

Meet Dmitry, Prodigious Tech Lead and Deep Space Enthusiast

Feb 06

A man fascinated by innovative technologies, he has great interest in green energy solutions and would love to own a Tesla Model S one day. Learn more about Dmitry in this week’s team profile

Dmitry Ermakov

5 AI Trends Redefining The Retail Experience

Feb 02

PSFK’s AI Retail Playbook, a Microsoft collaboration, explores how artificial intelligence enables personalized and dynamic consumer interactions.

Mario Grunitz

Meet Victor, Engineer of all things and Pursuer of Knowledge

Jan 30

This week we’d like to introduce Victor, a guy who is super committed to creating new amazing products and bringing the seemingly impossible to life.

Victor Tomilin

Programming Languages Worth a Second Look in 2018

Jan 26

There are some programming languages that have stood the test of time, (read: JavaScript) and then there are those that are new and exciting. Read the full story here.

Team Brain

Meet Vitaliy, Our Front and Back-end Double Hitter

Jan 23

This coffee-loving Brainiac is indispensable to our innovative efforts in the Drupal development space. As he explains, the part he loves most about his job is the ability to take a static idea and bring it to life.

Vitalik Lobachev

Facebook Messenger’s Chatbot API

Jan 19

This week in tech, we do a quick review of some of Facebook Messenger's Chatbot limitations. Well worth a read if you're thinking of building your own bot on the Messenger platform.

Samantha Wolhuter

Meet Pavel, Mathematician and Mad Skilled Developer

Jan 16

This week we’d like to introduce you to our numbers savant, Pavel S. Graduating with a degree in Mathematics, Pavel has one of the finest analytical minds we’ve seen. 

Pavel Shishko

Welcome to our 4th and final instalment in the MVP for Android series.

Jan 05

In this article, we have a look at creating custom strategies with Moxy, why you'd want to and how to create and implement your own strategies for best results in your Android Projects.


Introducing Ivan, an iOS developer with heart

Jan 02

This WeAreBrain strongman is very dedicated to health and wellbeing. Read more about Ivan’s approach to work and life in this week’s team profile.

Ivan Balychev

Wishing you all a successful and entrepreneurial 2018!

Dec 31

In our final tech article of the year, we've put together a Top 10 list of our team's best tech content pieces for 2017. We hope you enjoy it!


Meet Ruslan, Discipline Master and Front-end Aficionado

Dec 27

This week we’re featuring Ruslan, Front-end developer and all-around searcher of answers about human existence here at WeAreBrain. A Drupal Technology expert Ruslan is an indispensable member of our Open Source team in Kramatorsk.

Ruslan Malovichko

Merry Xmas

Dec 24

Christmas and New Year are knocking the door. We would like to wish you and your family lots of good health, tons of happiness and plenty of prosperity.


Welcome to the 3rd instalment in our MVP for Android series

Dec 21

This week we’re looking at the various OOTB strategies for Moxy. You’ll see there is a great deal of flexibility and it’s just another reason why we like MVP so much!

Sergey Trufanov

Introducing Igor

Dec 18

A design enthusiast and musical dynamo, Igor is passionate about how the combination of logic and art make for some of the most amazing developments in the tech space to date. 

Igor Skorikov

Moxy is an absolute delight and we’re going to tell you why

Dec 15

This week, settle in for the second instalment in our MVP for Android series featuring the Moxy library.

Sergey Trufanov

Meet Nika, Guarantor of Quality and Ardent Foodie

Dec 12

In this week’s team feature, we’d like to introduce you to Nika, an exceptional QA engineer that keeps us all on our toes here at WeAreBrain 

Nika Rogovskaya

Sergey T investigates Model-View-Presenter (MVP)

Dec 08

Sergey T, WeAreBrain Android developer, has worked out how to create cleaner application code for Android using MVP. In this week’s article, the first of a four-part series he introduces us to MVP and explains how it works.

Sergey Trufanov

Meet our Front-end master and F1 enthusiast

Dec 05

He’s an integral part of the team and he lends a touch of brilliance to all the front-end focused projects he’s working on. Read more about this talented human in this week’s team profile.

Vyacheslav Vlasov

Welcome to cryptoworld

Dec 01

This week in tech Sergey P starts his fascinating series on the origins of cryptocurrency, looking into the basics of blockchain and the story behind the development of this groundbreaking technology.

Sergey Prihodko

Building a Brand that People Remember: Colour and Content

Nov 24

In this week’s skills article, Sam is taking a look at what role colour and font play in your brand’s digital marketing efforts.

Samantha Wolhuter

Meet Sergey, an Android developer with vision

Nov 21

This week’s team profile features Sergey T, android developer and self-professed motorhead. 

Sergey Trufanov

Why I fell in love with Visual Studio Code

Nov 17

In this week's tech article Pavel B provides a review of Visual Studio Code, as a new alternative to Atom and Sublime Text.

Pavel Bazhenov

A female powerhouse of knowledge in the tech space

Nov 14

A woman with vision and discipline Tanya guides her team through some of our most exciting tech development projects. Read more about her in this week’s team feature.

Tanya Lyabik

What to do to be more creative and generate great ideas

Nov 10

Struggling with a touch of creator’s block, we may have some unusual solves for you.

Pavel Lysenko

Meet Pavel K aka Pasha

Nov 07

A .NET developer turned super awesome tech team lead. Read more about this super cool dude in this week’s team feature.

Pavel Kozhokar

BlueGreen Deployment

Nov 03

WeAreBrain is completely committed to zero downtime deployment and in tech this week Alex K discusses how we’re working with BlueGreen Deployment.

Alex Komissaruk

Meet Dmitry

Oct 31

Our team profile this week is all about Dmitry, a WeAreBrain full-stack developer, and PHP master. Read more about this awesome brainiac in this article.

Dmitry Shishko

Use Jest for React App Testing

Oct 27

This week’s tech article looks at component testing using Jest. A simple guide to improving your code.

Dmitry Shishko

Meet Mario

Oct 24

This week we’re featuring Mario, co-founder and all round creative who reveals his ambition for the business going into the future.

Mario Grunitz

This week in tech, building bots from a creative perspective

Oct 20

In this week’s tech article, Sam chronicles the development of bot personalities through clever copywriting.

Samantha Wolhuter

Meet Alex, Multi-talented Programming Architect

Oct 17

This week we’re featuring Alex who heads up the newest branch of WeAreBrain in Kramatorsk.

Alex Litvinov

In the ring: Lex vs Luis

Oct 13

In tech this week Pavel K compares Amazon Lex and Microsoft Luis as competitive systems in the chatbot building space.

Pavel Kozhokar

Meet Pavel, WeAreBrain’s UX Design Dynamo

Oct 10

Meet Pavel, UX designer and alumnus of the Startupbootcamp team that worked on our latest successful venture clevergig. Read the full profile here.


Pavel Lysenko

How web designers and front-end developers can avoid quarrelling

Oct 06

Sometimes, getting your creative team and your front-end developers to see eye to eye can be tricky. Lena, provides a perspective for keeping the peace.

Helen Lysenko

Introducing Omar, highflying Content Producer

Oct 05

Meet our Amsterdam based digital producer and overall content master in this week's WeAreBrain team profile.

Omar M'Sadek

Le Corbusier's complete works available for download

Oct 01

The writings of Le Corbusier are perhaps the most influential texts ever produced by an architect. A must read if you're into design and architecture. Download the complete works here (1930-70).

Mario Grunitz

Add a new editor to CMS Cockpit

Sep 29

Sergey G gives you a peek at our recent development progress with our work on Hybris

Sergey Gernyak

QA Marvel and Man in the Moment

Sep 26

Meet Max the Quintessential QA, read more about what makes him so awesome in this week’s team profile.

Max Dmitriev

Visual regression testing

Sep 22

In today's article I want to share my experience with tools that allow me to qualify my work and prevent regression issues when I’m developing.

Pavel Bazhenov

Introducing Pavel our Front-end Frontman

Sep 19

He’s a front-end developer or as he says it, the implementer of really cool designs for WeAreBrain and our clients. Read more...

Pavel Bazhenov

Recreate tmux sessions with windows and panes

Sep 15

Sergey G is back this week with a new tech feature on recreating your tmux sessions using bash script.

Sergey Gernyak

Meet Olga, WeAreBrain’s financial pro

Sep 13

Olga is the WeAreBrain’s finance whiz, keeping an eye on the purse strings and just generally being an awesome Brainiac. Read more.

Olga Ermakova

Docker as a Function

Sep 07

Keeping your Dockerfile clean can be complex when using the Elixir application. In this week’s tech article Sergey G takes us through the simple process to do this right.

Sergey Gernyak

Always be moving forward

Aug 30

This week meet Vasfie, one of WeAreBrain’s QA engineers. Her personal motto is to “always be moving forward”. Read more about what drives her here.

Vasfie Dervishova

Design smarter by asking the right questions

Aug 27

According to Jon Moore, every great designer is part designer, part marketer, part sales person, and part user.

Pavel Lysenko

Introducing Sergey

Aug 24

Meet Sergey, the neuroscience enthusiast, Ruby renegade, and software project engineer that's featured in this week’s team article.

Sergey Prihodko

Metrics. Metrics everywhere.

Aug 22

Take a deep dive into the importance of metrics and analytics with us in this week’s tech article.

Sergey Prihodko

How we made our product building process great again

Aug 18

This week in tech we took a look at how to master the product building process.

Sergey Prihodko

Promoting female tech leadership

Aug 16

Meet Elvire Jaspers, WeAreBrain’s CEO and Entrepreneurial Trailblazer in this week’s team feature on Medium.

Elvire Jaspers

Go with the (Github) flow

Aug 11

Some thoughts regarding Git culture which my teammates and I try to follow during each development process.


Sergey Gernyak

Meet Alex — he rocks our DevOps

Aug 08

Read about our very own Marvel X-Man, ISS space traveller and DevOps engineering wizard in our latest team article on Medium.

Alex Komissaruk

GitHub Wiki

Aug 02

We’ve used a Github Wiki quite successfully in the past to ensure everyone has line of sight on all parts of the progress. In this week’s article, we explain our methodology.

Daniel Vygovskiy

SAP global partnership

Jul 27

We’re very proud to announce that WeAreBrain recently joined the SAP partner program. Read the full press release and interview here. 

Mario Grunitz

Meet your friendly DevOps sidekick

Jul 24

@Elio is an Amazon powered conversational bot that is able to assimilate natural language inputs using’s deep learning knowledge base. #ForgetChatbots #CreateWorkbots.

Pavel Kozhokar

Project configuration in Hybris

Jul 21

There are a lot of instances when a number or string should be able to be adjusted in environments outside of your development machine. In these cases, environment variables are a good choice. However, the Hybris platform provides a more convenient approach. Let’s see how.

Sergey Gernyak

How to use Maven dependencies inside the Hybris extension

Jul 18

So I’ve been stuck on this for some time due to the lack of official documentation regarding this topic. But with a mix of research, trial and error and sheer luck, I’ve managed to come up with a solution. 

Sergey Gernyak

Meet Lena - WeAreBrain’s resident UX/UI design dynamo

Jul 15

While this Brainiac is our go to creative whiz, Lena began her professional pursuits in economics. However, her love for all things creative eventually brought her to where she is now; at #WeAreBrain rocking our creative design...

Helen Lysenko

SEO Checklisting for QA (Part 1)

Jul 11

Avoid the pitfalls of testing the hidden gem of non-functionals. Testing specifically for SEO can be challenging and requires an extra measure of attention to detail. 

Vasfie Dervishova

Digital Story Tools

Jul 08

A handpicked list of tools and resources to help you build your digital story powered by Hackastory

Omar M'Sadek

A how to guide to grow your business

Jul 05

Here is a massive list of 400 free online tools and resources to help your grow your business.

Samantha Wolhuter

The Hyper Island toolbox

Jul 03

A resource kit you can use to apply creative collaboration and unleash potential in your team or organization.

Mario Grunitz

How to help your agile team succeed

Jun 29

We keep hearing complaints and frustration around working with and managing an agile team. Here are 5 quick tips on how to help your agile team succeed. Read more...


30 seconds of f(r)ame

Jun 24

A little video of our current work with our partners and teams in Europe, Africa and the United States. Head over to Vimeo to watch the whole set.

Tanya Lyabik

I’m Sergey, nice to meet you

Jun 20

I am a Ruby/Java software engineer. My team and I spend our time building really cool things. Learn more about me and my work in our latest article on Medium.

Sergey Gernyak

What I learnt from other Nomad Cruisers

Jun 15

These are 3 of the great speakers we had onboard and I’ll feature another three in the next post. It’s well worth getting to know these people, follow them online! They know their stuff.


The Startup SaaS Stack

Jun 11

Nice post on Medium around key attributes for your (startup's) software stack

Jack Myasushkin

The luxury skin care destination

Jun 09

Hello beautiful!!! An awesome new cooperation between Bloom Avenue and WeAreBrain.

Visit us often for all your beauty needs. Happy shopping at

Elvire Jaspers

95% and counting 🚀

Jun 06

A big thank you to our investors. We are at 95% of our funding goal... Hell, we might even oversubscribe and go above and beyond our initial target! Do you want a piece of clevergig? Find out more via the Leapfunder campaign

Jack Myasushkin

We need BRAIN

Jun 01

Finally he makes sense ... We need brain and we need you! Come and join our wonderful team.

Jack Myasushkin

Style guide for Javascript

May 30

My aim is to improve the quality of code on all projects at Brain. Let’s talk about javascript today. Please, use this code style guide… and make my modest dream come true.


Cultural diversity makes your team stronger

May 23

It’s World Cultural Diversity Day! Embracing cultural diversity is one of Brain’s key values. Read more...


What the hell is WTISD?

May 17

Bridging the digital divide is the first step towards improving development issues worldwide. Most specifically access to scalable education for example. Read more...


Elixir in Docker

May 13

Some time ago I was working on a development project with one of my teammates. I was writing a small API layer in Elixir. Read more...


Funding round clevergig 🚀

May 09

Here is a short and sweet update on our funding: we are happy to report that we have secured our goal of €200K in commitments! The new funding round will be executed via Leapfunder and you too will have a chance to join in.

Elvire Jaspers

So what does being a digital nomad mean?

May 03

The simple answer — someone who works in the digital space and chooses to work well…anywhere there is a good internet connection really. Read more...


Nomination Dutch Interactive Awards

Apr 30

Boom! A second award nomination in the pocket! Thank you #DIA17
and Lobster Ink

Team News

There's only one way: forward!

Apr 25

“Sometimes I wish #life came with a remote to ◄◄ rewind ► play ▌▌pause ►► fast forward” ~@ihatequotes #quote

Mario Grunitz

SpinAwards 2017

Apr 20

Very proud! Thank you SpinAwards, thank you Lobster Ink and thank you to our amazing team #SpinAward

Elvire Jaspers

Brain joining Nomad Cruise 2017 🛳

Apr 17

And so it begins! Touchdown in Cartagena, Colombia - the departure point for 2017. Over the next few weeks look out for updates on this epic journey into digital nomadism.

Samantha Wolhuter

Dutch Digital Agencies

Apr 12

Q&A session during last week's DDA event in Amsterdam... Brain CEO Elvire Jaspers on the hot seat, interviewed by the always awesome (and handsome) Krijn Schuurman.

Mario Grunitz

Where will UX design be in 5 years? 5 Predictions

Mar 24

In this article, we explore the future direction of UX design within the wider industry, and explain why we believe the trend towards hiring UX expertise will continue in the years ahead. 

Pavel Lysenko

Thinking about states

Mar 21

A Website is not a picture. A Website is an application with rich interaction. Each element of a site has a number of states. But sometimes we forget about this and that’s bad for us, bad for our clients and bad for our users. Read more...

Viktor Tomilin

SpinAwards Nomination 😇

Mar 17

Very happy and proud with the #SpinAwards nomination for our collaboration with the awesome team at @LobsterInk. Thank you @SpinAwards jury!

Team News

#Elixir — where is the state kept?

Mar 14

Elixir is written on top of Erlang and provides another philosophy to keep, change and manage shared states in general. During my brief journey with Elixir I figured out several approaches that help you keep the state. Read more...


DB per feature in #Rails

Mar 07

Your customer wants loads of cool features and they want them now. Sound familiar? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a separate DB for each feature? Read more...


Why I don’t like #JavaScript

Mar 01

The prevalence of js. usage is prolific, particularly after the V8 release by GoogleDespite the overall hype around js., its community and infrastructure I don’t like it, and here’s why. Read more...


How a Rails application is run inside WAR

Feb 28

Some time ago, we started to move one of our Rails projects from MRI to a jRuby platform. In this blog post I would like to share my experience of that migration. Read more


Design in Tech Report 2017

Feb 10

Design trends revolutionizing the entrepreneurial and corporate ecosystems in tech. Read more...

Helen Lysenko

Trends in Environmental Conservation

Feb 07

Virtually every day there is something new on the market that boasts an environmentally conscious aspect to its use or development. Some are awe-inspiring and some are just plain out of this world. Read more...


Rails and the URL prefix

Feb 06

Rails is awesome. Many of the developers, that use other technologies, can say many bad things about Rails: this framework is very magical (thanks to Ruby metaprogramming). Read more...


Random thought

Jan 27

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" ~Aesop

Dmitry Ermakov

A spellbook of a different kind

Jan 24

Over 2000 links of the most common resources related to modern web development. Check it out on Github.

Pavel Kozhokar

Shaping the future of labor

Jan 21

clevergig CEO Michel Pilet on stage during Startupbootcamp (1:53h). Watch the full video here.

Elvire Jaspers

Prettify Ecto errors

Jan 17

RoR has many cool libraries out of box, and, well, actually we are spoiled by the proposed functionality of them. Ecto was created with another philosophy to the ActiveRecord, but the ideas around the flow are similar. Read more...


Female talent shines during Startupbootcamp

Jan 13

Way to go... Brain at the forefront of female tech leadership! Read the Emerce coverage here.

Mario Grunitz

Creating Elixir processes in runtime

Jan 09

Mostly when you create your new Elixir application you’ll run the following command: mix new my_app --sup. It generates a blank project with a root supervisor. Read more...


The most powerful women in tech

Jan 06

The list of incredible women in tech is long and growing. This article pays homage to the best and brightest women in the tech industry. Read more...


The Next Women competition

Jan 03

We are very proud Brainiacs.... Our Brain CEO Elvire was added to the "Next Women to Watch" list!

Elvire Jaspers

Happy 2017...and so it begins

Jan 01

At WeAreBrain we re-imagine and re-invent technology outsourcing. Launched in 2015 we are one of the fastest growing technology businesses in Europe and the United States.