Full Service. Redefined.

Strategy & Consulting

We are entrepreneurs at heart and enable clients to create and execute strategies and solutions for their digital transformation. In the past 10 years, we’ve collaborated with over 200 brands, digital agencies, startups and non-profit organisations.

Extended teams

We build, groom and grow successful nearshore technology teams and R&D divisions, sourcing the best local engineering talent for all project types, on demand. We guarantee business continuity and offer peace of mind for our clients and partners.

Product & UX Design

We strive for increased customer engagement that will result in conversions. We translate customer needs and brand propositions into experiences that are consistent across systems, simplifying processes along the way.

Software & Web Development

Front- and backend development for eCommerce, eLearning and Enterprise Automation with focus on SAP CX and Open Source.
Service delivery and how systems and applications interact are a fundamental part of our value proposition.
We are extending Agile principles beyond the boundaries of "the code" to the entire delivery and ongoing optimisation process.

R&D & Innovation

WeAreBrain is in the business of ideas, entrepreneurship and technological invention - researching, inventing and building groundbreaking products and services.
We invest ourselves in R&D and ventures to build the experience to apply with our client. 
We empower visionaries to create meaningful brands and are committed to shaping the most successful, sustainable and customer-centric organisations of tomorrow.