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Who we are

WeAreBrain consists of a team of creative minds with expertise in developing innovative solutions for enterprise customers

Our client, Maxeda, is the largest retail group in the Netherlands which owns and operates building materials stores across the Benelux

Our Kyiv-based team is working on key Client’s digital platforms:

These platforms are designed with a microservices architecture approach, for both back-end and front-end sides. Our software products currently contain 40+ services.

Java stack: Java 11, Spring framework: Cloud, Boot, Data, Spring Cloud Stream

Infrastructure: AWS, Docker containers, ECS (clustering and orchestration), Bitbucket Pipelines (CI/CD), Ansible and Terraform (IaaC)

About Wearebrain

Who we are looking for

We are looking to hire a backend software engineer to join our team. Our ideal candidate should have a strong technical background with deep expertise of backend part development within Java and Spring framework (Cloud + Boot + Data) and willing to deal with microservices architecture




As a plus:

WeAreBrain offers


CTO & Co-founder

p/whatsapp: +380 95 013 0615

skype: jack.myasushkin


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