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Who we are and what we do

We are a force field of 75 creators and entrepreneurs with expertise in developing innovative solutions for enterprise customers. 

Our internal culture is based on trust, transparency and unlimited personal and professional growth. We invest in these principles not in word, but in deed.

We have developed a community management & eCommerce platform with customized client-side, content & products management modules and search service for Maxeda, the leading DIY retail group in Benelux.

For now, 35 engineers from Ukraine, Netherlands and Belgium are working to deliver valuable DIY software products to Maxeda’s end users.

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The сurrent focus and main tech challenge of the System team is infrastructure migration from Ansible to Terraform. That’s why we are looking for a mature DevOps Engineer to join our 5-people Ukrainian/Netherlands System team. The ideal candidate has a strong DevOps profile with high Linux-based infrastructures systems engineering skills (AWS) and deep knowledge of tuning and using of IaC tools.

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Dmitriy Tech Lead
Elvire CEO & Managing Partner
Ivan iOS Developer
Max QA Engineer
Pavel Senior UI Designer
Vyacheslav Front-end Engineer
Viktor Front-end Engineer
Vladimir Tech Lead
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