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WeAreBrain is a company that builds and we are on the hunt for new talent. We know that finding the perfect fit has as much to do with who you are as who we are! 

We officially opened our doors in 2014, choosing to open three offices simultaneously - Our Head office  in Amsterdam, our tech and R&D arm in Kiev, and our AI and EdTech business in Lausanne. Since then we have expanded with an office in Kramatorsk and Cape Town. The WeAreBrain co-founders and managing team are all individually successful entrepreneurs in their own right and each has brought something special to the magic that is WeAreBrain.

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While most of us dread the word testing you love it more than your mom (ok well at least as much as ;-) and you’re equally passionate about document maintenance. Does this sound like you? Well then WeAreBrain is probably the place you should be working at. At your new daytime home you can look forward to all kinds of manual and automated testing. We’re talking web, mobile, Android and iOS, you name it we’ve got it.

On any given day you’ll do the thing you love to do the most; manual testing of web and mobile applications, configure test environment, do requirements analysis and develop positive/negative/boundary scenarios. That’s not all! You’ll also get to write autotests and do some super cool bug reporting. You’ll also be responsible for general test reports ensuring that each product we build is exceptional in quality. You’ll work on the integration with automatic start-up systems or Continuous Integration.





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Team Lead & Head of Delivery

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