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Who we are and what we do

Our client - Maxeda is the largest Dutch retail group that owns and operates DIY (Do-it-Yourself) stores in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

Our teams work in a large scalable Scrum team with a cutting-edge technology stack allowing us to deliver happiness to our customers: hundreds of employees and hundreds of thousands of consumers. We have several young budding products (with just a tiny touch of legacy) and an incredibly strong desire to create the right products in the right way.

Our core product is a complex DIY software solution that consists of 4 core parts:

About Wearebrain

Who we are looking for

WeAreBrain is searching for a cool T-shaped Test Automation Engineer to join our Maxeda team. We are looking for  a master in test automation, with a variety of other capabilities, along with the ability to adapt easily to varying demand.


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WeAreBrain offers

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Meet your future team

Alex DevOps Engineer
Dmitriy Tech Lead
Elvire CEO & Managing Partner
Max QA Engineer
Nika QA Engineer
Sergey Back-end Developer
Vyacheslav Front-end Engineer
Vasfie Senior QA Engineer
Viktor Front-end Engineer
Our team

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CTO & Co-founder

p/whatsapp: +380 95 013 0615

skype: jack.myasushkin


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